Business Consulting

We really feel that the message of our name (professionals offering guided direction because of unique insight and vision) is especially embodied in the area of business consulting. This is an area where we have been able to help clients uncover conveniences, become more profitable, or solve other significant issues.

The process of efficiently operating a business includes decision making on a myriad of topics. Many of our consulting clients are already successful and have proven themselves good decision makers. However, time demands and recognition for the value of an outside eye have encouraged them to pursue additional expertise.

In addition to having owned his financial practice, Scott has owned or been in partnership with several side businesses along his professional journey. These include activities involving: healthcare transportation, real estate rental, and automotive financing. The hands on personal experience of having successfully managed or sold each of these side activities coupled with the insights of seeing what has worked for other clients instills an ability to hone in on the actions that will best improve your business. It takes someone who has worked 20 hour days, employed numerous personalities, and been through multiple economic cycles to identify with the challenges that business owners truly face.

The process of making a business the best that it can be is exciting. Our consulting activities are designed to help you concentrate on the things that make you successful and allow you to enjoy the benefits of running a business.

Some of the issues that we routinely address with clients involve:

  • Evaluating business purchase or start up plans
  • Planned and unplanned ownership changes
  • Evaluate overall operations and money handling practices for efficiency and safety
  • Strategies for increasing profitability * This is our favorite.
  • Growth decisions
  • Risk management